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Friday, November 28, 2008

The Godfather Ii Preview


EA says, the law as a So Low, think like a don, and if we can apply this philosophy to The Godfather II, became a vice-ridden God among men, is the city, and other so-called roughnecks will be forced to bow to Regarding. The original title was Godfather a solid, open the world of crime Shouldve adventure that appeals to fans of the legendary film series, but EA is taking a notch with the sequel, scheduled for release in February. In fact, we dare say that if EA gets this right, it could be even better than Saints Row 2 and worthy of attention GTAIV fan.

Britney Spears Quot Dishes On Dating Nightmares

Britney Spear

But the pop princess is indeed - as he once sang - Overprotected when it comes to meeting potential suitors.. Britney Spear hasn leave a string of high profile romances with no men unfit to put his timing off completely.

Tim Blake Nelson On The Leader In Hulk Sequel


Samuel Stern in The Incredible Hulk says Ain t It Cool News that the plan is for his villain character to become leaders in a possible sequel: Quint: Gran also regarding a potential HULK sequel? Gale Anne Hurd being close to talk about how it could be the leader and the main villain the next.. Tim Blake Nelson, who has played Dr.

Tom Cruise Appreciates Photos Of Little Suri

Tom Cruise

Almost every parent may think that their photos as a child adorable baby album is enough to make the news, but it may be a different story when the pictures of your children are actually published in the national press. However, Tom Cruise is a celebrity dad made it clear that he can not t mind strangers snapping shots of her daughter - in fact, he welcomes the additions to their photo albums..

Bonus Bailout The Oscars Telecast

Leonardo Dicaprio

A box-office success as Titanic is sure to be a success for years Oscar. The glory days: 1998, when viewers tuned for a look over Jack and Rose, alias Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. 2008 was the lowest rated Oscarcast since Nielsen began counting in 1974. Difficult times: No Country for Old Men took home Oscars best picture trophy, but, in correlation to the theater numbers, there were few viewers for old Oscar.